Nila's Party

First, I should say that, for pictures and video of the event, you'll need to go to Nila's blog.

Although her birthday is tomorrow, we had her first birthday party today at 3pm.

There were about 17 guests and they showered Nila with gifts. Seriously, it was a lot more than either Angie or I expected.

Given all the gifts, Nila preferred to play with the batteries.

She also got icing all over her hair. She always likes to put her food in her hair for some reason and she went crazy with the cake today. It was, well, caked in her hair.

Angie bartered her web design services (see here) for both catering and a cake.

The food came from Buckeye Boys BBQ. It was very good. I think everyone enjoyed it. We had chicken wings, barbecue beef, baked beans and macaroni and cheese.

The cake came from someone who shall remain nameless. It tasted good, but it wasn't the prettiest cake I've ever seen. Which is no big deal unless it is your business to make and decorate cakes. Then you should get it more than 50% right.

For cakes even worse than ours check out this site. It makes me feel better about Nila's cake.

Now, Nila's sleeping restfully and Angie is furiously preparing the videos for Nila's blog.

I won't post any pictures or videos here. I want to keep all the party stuff together for anyone who wasn't able to make it.

It was a great day. Nila is such a beautiful and fantastic little girl. She was truly delightful today and I expect Angie and I will watch the videos a million or so times.

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