Blackout Day 3

As I said before, Sis and Mom both have power back. They live near Galloway and Powell respectively.

Vanessa also has power. She's near Grove City.

Nikki says that she actually lost power yesterday, which is a step in the wrong direction.

AEP says that over 230,000 customers remain without power in Franklin County and that, of course, includes me, Angie and Nila!

We're spending another day at Sis' house and consider ourselves very lucky that we have somewhere to go.

For the past two nights, we've gone to bed soon after the sun has gone down. In fact, since Nila goes to sleep around 7, she has no idea that the electricity is out.

The bad news is that local news is reporting that we could be looking at up to five more days without power. I am hopeful that this won't apply to us, but it'll apply to someone in the area. I think that's terrible.

Many of AEP's repair crews were in Texas and have had to be recalled. It's crazy.

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Aimee said...

That's crazy.

Speaking of TX, have you heard anything about Angie's mom?