Unofficial Guide to the 5xNW Pizza Crawl

For the first time, my hood, 5xNW aka Fifth by Northwest, is having a pizza crawl. Seven local pizza shops will offer slices for $1. All I have to do it walk from shop to shop eating pizza. The event is Tuesday, August 3 from 6 to 9 pm. Sounds easy enough. Here's my guide to how to do it right.

Start at Kroger on Chambers -
The 5xNW Pizza Crawl is part of the National Night Out events put together by the Fifth by Northwest Area Commission. The Kick off for all of the events will be at the Kroger at 1375 Chambers Rd at Northwest Blvd. There will be police cars, fire trucks, Sparky the fire dog and other activities, so it's a great place to begin.

Bono Pizza - The first stop for pizza is Bono Pizza at 1717 Northwest Blvd. Bono is attached to a carryout and that building is practically attached to the Kroger parking lot, so it makes sense to head there first. Bono is known for unique flavors and high quality pizza. Bono is a Columbus favorite, so, if you've never been, this is your chance to try it out and see what everyone else is raving about.

Sparano's - Next up is Sparano's at 1724 Northwest Blvd. IT is right across the street from Kroger and Bono, so go there next. At the 2009 Slice of Columbus competition, they placed second for the People's Choice Award and the Wags and Elliot Award. They'll also be participating in the 2010 event which helps raise money for Nationwide Children's Hospital. Sparano's has award-winning pizza and a friendly staff and I think their first store was on Hague and Westsiders know good pizza. Sparano's was also the first pizza shop to sign up for the crawl. Buy two or three slices from them.

Mama Mimi's - Now let's slip through the fence behind Kroger and cut to King Ave. Sure it sounds a little ghetto, but it gets us to Mama Mimi's faster. Mama Mimi's is at 1565 King Ave and is the best take-and-bake pizza in Columbus. For the Crawl, they'll bake it for you and you can buy a slice or two!

Check out their website to see what to expect. I have to admit, I always burn their pizza when I bake it myself, so I'm looking forward to eating it without the blackened crust...

Mama Mimi's will also play host to 3 Babes and a Baker. Who is that, you might ask. It's only a CUPCAKE TRUCK! 3 Babes and a Baker were recently featured in the 614 magazine (picture credit) and offer great cupcakes from their mobile store/truck. I know it's a pizza crawl, but I am so excited that the cupcake truck will be here in 5XNW if only for a few hours

Minuteman - Minuteman is the newest addition to the 5xNW pizza scene. From Mama Mimi's, go south on North Star, then east on Fifth Ave. Minuteman is behind Giant Eagle next to WG Grinder's at 1453 Ida Ave. Minuteman has a ton of local locations and great pizza. I hope pizza fatigue won't have settled in at this point! There are still three great stops left! Power through. You don't have to eat tomorrow.

Cowtown - Cowtown is just down Grandview Ave from Minuteman at 1359 Grandview Ave. They make a Hawaiian pizza with almonds that is surprisingly good. I say surprisingly because I typically dislike Hawaiian pizza, but the almonds do something to it and make it really taste great. I don't know that they'll have that on Tuesday, but try whatever they're selling.

Panzera's - Across Grandview Ave from Cowtown at 1354 Grandview Ave. is Panzera's. I have to admit this is my first pizza love in 5xNW. Their pepperoni pizza is so good, I don't even hold it against them that their other store is in Arlington! It's the kind of pepperoni that curls up and holds little pools of grease - the good stuff. They also have an outdoor patio at a great location - Third and Grandview. You can sit and look at everything you thought was in Grandview!

Grandad's - The last stop is straight down Third back to Northwest Blvd. Grandad's pizza sits at 1254 W. Third Ave. It's your last chance for pizza, so go ahead and spend the rest of the money in your wallet/purse/bra.

While it isn't part of the National Night Out festivities, save some bra money and finish up your crawl at Byrne's Pub attached to Grandad's. What better way to end an evening of pizza?

All the Important Info:
5xNW Pizza Crawl
August 3, 2010
6-9 pm