Nothing to Say


I don't really have anything to say. I just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm doing pretty good. Angie is good, too.

How're you doing?


Language Learning is CRAZY

It is so much fun for me to watch other people try to learn the Kurdish language. And I am glad that it isn't me this time.

Because I am fluent.

Not really, of course, but I don't have to participate in the regular classes because I've already done this before. Instead, I get to watch everyone else struggle to understand new sounds and words

It's so funny to ear a Kurdish person say a word and listen to the Americans try to repeat it. Today we learned Qonereke meaning shoe (I think it's actually the Arabic word for shoe, I don't know, but it doesn't matter). Angie spent most of the morning saying kunorewe.

It makes me wonder what I sounded like during my first few days of language lessons back in 2005.

I'll bet I sounded pretty good.

Because I'm fluent.


Settling In (Again)

I am back on Southern California for training. Angie and I are staying with the same family with whom I stayed back in December 2005.

It's a little weird going through this whole process again - meeting and getting to know new people, realizing that I'll be spending the next 6 to 12 months with this new people, figuring out how to relate to these new people, etc, etc.

It's less stressful this time around, but I have to admit that I got the schedule for the next four weeks and a month seems like a really long time!

On the upside, the weather is nice and the food is good.



... we head off to training. So much has happened in the last week that I want to write about here, but I don't have the time!

Today was my last day at Measurement, Inc. It was a great job. Everyone there was so welcoming. On Wednesday, I was given over 45 minutes to share my experiences with and in Iraq to the whole room (maybe 60+ people). Everyone was so receptive and supportive! I made some really good contacts and I an excited to see what the future brings.

Also on Wednesday, Angie and I found out...that...it's....a....GIRL!

I will write more over the next few days, but, if you remember December 2005, you know that training doesn't give much time for posting.

I love you all and I can't wait to share all the wonderful things that are happening!


Let the Festivities Begin!

I am sure that you're wondering what I'm doing with the three lovely ladies in this picture. Well, it's my birthday, yo, and this is how I roll.

Angie and I spent Easter evening with Nikki and Miranda at Miranda's shiny new home in Westgate Park. We played Settlers and ate Massey's. It was pretty great even though Angie didn't let me win on my birthday.

It was a nice start to the birthday season, nonetheless. It was also the last time I'll get to see them before heading to Cali (and ultimately Iraq), so it was too short of a party!

April 10 is my actual birthday. Vanessa is making me a cake and Sis bought me my favorite thing!! (I got a sneak peak of it tonight, so I am super-pumped to receive it tomorrow!)

I think Mom and Grandma may supply dinner, too, so it's all good.


It's On

Angie and I

Southern California

April 13th

It's On


Welcome to April?

The calendar says that it's April 5th, but it feels like February around here and I am not happy about it.

Tuesday, it was over 80 degrees and today there was an icicle stalagtiting itself off of the car. Why?

Seriously. Why?

In other news, with my Office 2007 demo expired, I've had to find alternatives for your regular Office applications.

The one I needed to replace the most (because I use it everyday!) was Outlook. I searched for free replacements and tried a few that weren't so good.

I settled on Thunderbird. It's from my friends at Mozilla. The same people that brought you Firefox. I like it. So far, I really like it. I was able to add a calendar plug-in, too, so now I'm happy.

I know this is all a little geeky, but I have learned quite a bit about free applications, computing in general and websites. I will update you on what I've found later.
Right now I need to go hide under a blanket!


I Think I Went to High School With Jesus

Friday night, Megan invited Angie and I to see "The Cost," the Grove City Church of the Nazarene's Easter musical. It's quite a production.

I had a pretty good time, although I have to admit I got a little bored. It lasts almost three hours! And, let's face it, the story's not exactly surprising, you know?

The church is probably the biggest church I've ever been in. It has a food court and a hair salon so that the Christians never have to mix with the non-believers.

Ooops, I meant to keep that last comment to myself. I'm sure there're good reasons to make your church like a compound and, honestly, I'm not trying to judge anybody. To each his own, right?

Anyway, as I always say: You gotta give the people what they want. So, if they want compounds and lavish musicals, someone should supply it.