Let the Festivities Begin!

I am sure that you're wondering what I'm doing with the three lovely ladies in this picture. Well, it's my birthday, yo, and this is how I roll.

Angie and I spent Easter evening with Nikki and Miranda at Miranda's shiny new home in Westgate Park. We played Settlers and ate Massey's. It was pretty great even though Angie didn't let me win on my birthday.

It was a nice start to the birthday season, nonetheless. It was also the last time I'll get to see them before heading to Cali (and ultimately Iraq), so it was too short of a party!

April 10 is my actual birthday. Vanessa is making me a cake and Sis bought me my favorite thing!! (I got a sneak peak of it tonight, so I am super-pumped to receive it tomorrow!)

I think Mom and Grandma may supply dinner, too, so it's all good.


Angie said...

Am I the only person in the room who thinks that Robert is like the most handsome, hottest man alive? Seriously - look at him!

Aimee said...

You're in love.

And how come you don't even LOOK pregnant? Seriously!

joan said...

because she is faking