Welcome to April?

The calendar says that it's April 5th, but it feels like February around here and I am not happy about it.

Tuesday, it was over 80 degrees and today there was an icicle stalagtiting itself off of the car. Why?

Seriously. Why?

In other news, with my Office 2007 demo expired, I've had to find alternatives for your regular Office applications.

The one I needed to replace the most (because I use it everyday!) was Outlook. I searched for free replacements and tried a few that weren't so good.

I settled on Thunderbird. It's from my friends at Mozilla. The same people that brought you Firefox. I like it. So far, I really like it. I was able to add a calendar plug-in, too, so now I'm happy.

I know this is all a little geeky, but I have learned quite a bit about free applications, computing in general and websites. I will update you on what I've found later.
Right now I need to go hide under a blanket!

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