The Jungle of Calais

"At dawn today, riot police moved into The Jungle and rounded up the migrants despite dozens of human rights activists who tried to block their way. They denounce the raid as a media stunt they would drive the migrants underground making them easier pray for traffickers. The Jungle of Calais might be closed, they say, but the steady flow of migrants to Northern France will continue and simply bubble up somewhere else. "
-NPR News

On September 22, French police bulldozed a makeshift village in the port city of Calais that had been set up and inhabited by immigrants. I heard the story on NPR last week and it piqued my interest.

Although I haven't had a chance to confirm it yet, I believe that this is where Aram was living before he was arrested trying to get into the UK.

The AP story is here and you can listen to the full story from NPR here.


The Late Great Johnny Castle

LOS ANGELES (UPI)—The U.S. cable television network Encore said Tuesday it plans to celebrate the career of the late Patrick Swayze by screening several of his films.

In keeping with the wishes of his family, there will be no corner seating.

I can't take credit for the above, but I wish I could. It's from woot.com (woot,woot!)

ABC Family will show Dirty Dancing tonight @ 8 pm for anyone who needs to get their fix. According to the promo, there will be new scenes.

To a movie from 1987.

Angie and I will be watching unless I can't pull her away from Cops.


Is 13 Months a Sign?

What if I told you that I recently interviewd for a job that I really want?

What if I also told you that the duration of the contract for said job is 13 months?

Would you tell me that this job is my destiny?

Really, go ahead and write that in the comments section.

More news to follow.