Ah February, My Old Foe

Dear February,

Have we always been enemies?

I didn't know we weren't friends until 1994. Perhaps you've always been out to get me, but I didn't notice until that winter.

It was the winter Dad died. That was the worst thing you've done, but I certainly not the only thing.

Even before Dad died in on Feb. 10, 1994, you hit us with that terrible ice storm and the ungodly temperatures. In my mind I remember temperatures of 40 below. That can't be right, but it gives some idea of howI think of you.

This year you tried ice again. But you were crafty this time. Just enough to be dangerous and terrible, but not enough to let me have a couple of vacation days. Boo to you, sir.

Today we'll see 40-50 mph winds and cold temps. Angie worries that we'll lose electricity.

I am writing today to say that I am done fighting you February. It turns out you're not much of a foe anyway. I mean, even if we lose electricity, odds are you won't take it out as long as August did in 2008 - or was it 2009? Either way, I'm done fighting with months.

Find another foil for your shenanigans as I will no longer be giving you any attention.

Plus, I start a new job next week. That's exciting.

I'm not suggesting a friendship, but I am done fighting you.

Cheers, February.