Funny to a Few

I got the above from a friend in Iraq. He says:

"you know electricity is terrible now we only have it 6 hrs a day since we don't have enough electricity we have a new Iraqi flag here it is you can see it...."

6 Hours of electricity!?! That's like slow torture. Imagine if you only had electricity for six hours. It's not fun.

Angie, imagine planning the wedding on 6 hours of electricity...

Important Directions:

Rehearsal Dinner
1189 N.Wilson Rd
Columbus, OH 43204

I-70 to Wilson Rd.
North on Wilson
Minnelli's is on the left.
If you get to Trabue,you've gone too far

Wedding Ceremony
Trinity UMC:
8530 Lilly Chapel-Georgesville Rd
London, OH 43140

I-270 to Georgesville Rd.
South on Georgesville to Norton.
Left on Norton Rd.
Turn right onto Bausch.
Bear left onto Alkire Rd
Bear right onto Lilly Chapel-Georgesville Rd
Grove City Vineyard
3005 Holt Rd.
Grove City, OH 43228

I-270 to Georgesville Rd.
South on Georgesville to 1st light.
Left on Holt Rd.
Church is on the right at the corner of Big Run


Another Open Letter

I just returned from Shepherds and I will have much to write about, but this first.

Before I begin this letter, I must remind everyone that I wrote the original open letter (the one to my mother). It wasn't Angie and her letter to her intestinal malady. Just FYI.

Dear Alcohol,

How's it going? I have some bad news for you: you will not be allowed at my wedding.

You know we've never really been friends, but that's not why you'll be absent. It's just that you are forbidden. Verboten. Eyba. Sorry.

We've come a long way in our relationship, though. Remember when I thought you were evil? Yeah, me too. Those were funny times. I have to admit that I still blame you a little for the demise of Native American culture. I know, I know. You didn't act alone and it wasn't your idea, but that doesn't excuse your behavior. I know that mostly it was peer pressure, though.

I know we'll never be more than passing acquaintances you and I, but I wanted to send you an invitation, I really did. I thought you would have had a good time.

Unfortunately, my church said no. You must have made a bad impression on someone recently. I remember certain sermons which seemed to suggest that we, as Christians, were free to be your friend. I mean no one was suggesting a co-dependent relationship with you, but I thought you were acceptable. Turns out I was mistaken. I must have misheard something along the way.

I even thought you were appropriate at wedding receptions. But then I recalled that Jesus turned you into water at a wedding feast to save everyone from your bad influence.

Wait a second. That's not right at all is it? No. Jesus turned water into YOU. Hmmm. That's odd, Alcohol. The church has either forgotten our Savior's first miracle or decided to ignore it. I hope it's that they've forgotten it.

But maybe it's because you sometimes make stains. Carpet is expensive to clean and or replace. And I don't see Jesus turning anything into carpet.

Knowing you like I do, Alcohol, I bet you're laughing at this. Imagine me defending you. I never thought I'd be in this position! I just hope there aren't any hard feelings.

Keep on truckin'





I have been struggling with the notion of "church" lately and specifically my relationship with it. I won't go into that now, but I have been reading a book written by the pastor of The Church Under the Bridge in Waco, TX. In the book, the author brings to light the things I've been thinking about since I went to Iraq.

I read the following quote yesterday and I wanted to share it here. It goes along, I think, with what my small group discussed Wednesday night (and Thursday night, and what Rob said on Thursday and Carol today...)

Servanthood is basic to understanding Christianity. When we surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ, we choose to become a duolos (servant), willing to do His bidding. In fact, the biblical word for worship, means to "kiss the ring" of the king with unfettered allegiance to him. Rightly understood, obedience to God is worship

-Trolls & Truth: 14 Realities About Today's Church That We Don't Want to See

I have felt a certain emptiness from "church services" lately and I think it's based on the fact that on Sundays "service" is always passive, but I won't offer any analysis here. That's up to you.


Watchin' the Kids

Today is day 4 of watching Vanessa's children. They've been pretty good today. We took a walk and played outside and took long naps...

Now we're at Angie's visiting and Angie is trying to make Hannah drink straight lemon juice. I don't know why Angie's so mean, but now Hannah's pretending to like the lemon juice. I don't know who's crazier...

Wedding plans are falling into place. We have a church and a pastor and wedding clothes and people who love us to attend the ceremony. And invitations and everything.

We're still working on the reception. I mean, the wedding ceremony is the important part and it's totally ready to go. But we're trying to put together a party for the 125 or so of you who have RSVPed already. Even if we end up at the Moose Lodge eating gummy bears and drinking water from dixie cups, you know we always have a good time.

Ain't no party like a westside party cause a westside party don't stop.


Chicken Fries Commercial

I have been trying to explain this commercial for weeks now. I finally found it. So, here ya go!