I have been struggling with the notion of "church" lately and specifically my relationship with it. I won't go into that now, but I have been reading a book written by the pastor of The Church Under the Bridge in Waco, TX. In the book, the author brings to light the things I've been thinking about since I went to Iraq.

I read the following quote yesterday and I wanted to share it here. It goes along, I think, with what my small group discussed Wednesday night (and Thursday night, and what Rob said on Thursday and Carol today...)

Servanthood is basic to understanding Christianity. When we surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ, we choose to become a duolos (servant), willing to do His bidding. In fact, the biblical word for worship, means to "kiss the ring" of the king with unfettered allegiance to him. Rightly understood, obedience to God is worship

-Trolls & Truth: 14 Realities About Today's Church That We Don't Want to See

I have felt a certain emptiness from "church services" lately and I think it's based on the fact that on Sundays "service" is always passive, but I won't offer any analysis here. That's up to you.


AngiesMomMo said...

Can you make that a link so that I can read about the Trolls & Truths?

Angie said...

No, it's in a book, mom.