Language Learning is CRAZY

It is so much fun for me to watch other people try to learn the Kurdish language. And I am glad that it isn't me this time.

Because I am fluent.

Not really, of course, but I don't have to participate in the regular classes because I've already done this before. Instead, I get to watch everyone else struggle to understand new sounds and words

It's so funny to ear a Kurdish person say a word and listen to the Americans try to repeat it. Today we learned Qonereke meaning shoe (I think it's actually the Arabic word for shoe, I don't know, but it doesn't matter). Angie spent most of the morning saying kunorewe.

It makes me wonder what I sounded like during my first few days of language lessons back in 2005.

I'll bet I sounded pretty good.

Because I'm fluent.


Brandi said...

And humble, don't forgot humble!!!!

OTRgirl said...

Very. Humble.

The best part about Ms. JP staying here for Christmas and planning her trip back overseas was hearing her jabber away on the phone in Kurdish.

Cause she is fluent.