Ryan Adams and the Cardinals

Tonight I went to a concert. no big deal, right? Except that I haven't been to a concert since I saw David Gray in, oh, I don't know...2005.

A couple of weeks ago, I kept an eye on Nikki's car, house and dog while she was on vacation and in return she took me to see the Cardinals. I'm quite certain that my work didn't equal the pay!

It was a really great concert. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed his music. Here are a few examples:
Ryan Adams - ryan adams - when the stars go
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You may have heard Tim McGraw's version of this song, but Ryan Adams is the original artist. I think it may be one of the best songs ever written.

Ryan Adams - Mockingbird
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Ryan Adams - Dear Chicago
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Archie Mck said...

How was the concert? When we saw him here he was really stand-offish which a lot of thought was disrespectful. We didn't mind because all the music was spot on, great band, though it verged on jam band music for a few of the songs. All in all a great concert by a man who had control over the tunes and the audience.
And Dear Chicago is a great song

rdmeeker said...

Archie, the show was great. He wasn't stand-offish at all; he was very affable and personable from the stage.

The music was indeed spot on. The band sounded great live.

It was the best show I've seen in years, but, then again, it's the only one.

Not counting the Kurdish Children's Choir. The Cardinals were better than them anyways, but with far less dancing.