From the Front Lines: Hurricane Ike

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Front lines? Ohio is not front lines of a hurricane!"

Well, usually you would be correct, but not this time.

High winds ripped through Ohio yesterday leaving almost 2 million Ohioans without power - including me!

As of 3 pm yesterday, almost everyone I know was without power and, today, Angie and I remain powerless.

We're spending the day with Mom at Sis' house. She's had power since about 11 pm last night.

When the power went out yesterday, I had to walk to Kroger in the wind storm to pick up matches so we could light the stove and our candles. Tree limbs were everywhere.

At Kroger, I found that they were operating with less than full power. A few registers were open, but the coolers and freezers where off. In the emergency lighting, the employees were stripping the perishables from the shelves into shopping carts.

American Electric Power promises power returned to all of their customers by Wednesday at 8 pm. I hope to have power well before that, though!

The governor has declared a state of emergency and over 450 school districts were closed today. In a press conference with the mayor, we were all reminded "when in doubt throw it out" referring to our refrigerated items.

We're all doing well. Living like the Pilgrims.

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