Blackout Day 5

I hope you're not tired of reading about my electricityless adventures. I have to admit that I'm tired of writing them and I hope to have power soon!

Yesterday evening I was sure that our apartment had power. I could just feel it! Sis and I got in the car and drove over. As we got closer, things were looking up.

Grandview Avenue had power all the way to King. Good sign.

The light at King and Northwest had power. Good sign.

The light at Chambers had power. The Kroger had power. Both good signs.

The apartments all along Northwest had power all the way up the street. Fantastic sign!

But the small set of apartments on the west side between the Kroger and Northwest seemed dark. Not so good sign.

We turned down our street and noticed that only half of the apartments had power. Our street forms a half circle and only the buildings on the outside had power. The poor inside group was still very dark.

That's pretty good news, though. Our apartment is on the outside!!

All of the outside buildings had power!

Except ours.

Our little building of 6 apartments was as dark as the night.

It remains that way today. I was there twice today and each time I hope that the lights will be on. I know that will have to happen one day, but I fear that day may be Sunday at the earliest.


Mobea said...

I understand you finally have power. Isn't it wonderful! It's different only having power for a few hours a day, but to go without power for days or weeks in the US is horrible. I was without power for a whole week.
In the last two weeks, I had a muscle biopsy, hospilized for very bad type pneumonia, a hurricne, a 35' tree in my backyard totally uprooted and all power lost,I fell, I busted my knee up, thankfully it's not brokern, but I have to keep it propped up with ice to keep the fluid from building up anymore, BUT I have seen so many acts of kindness from total strangers and neighbors. Blond story but true. Saturday night I noticed that all of my neightbors had porch lights on but me. I didn't know that the power company had run a line from the pole OVER the downed tree with the wires lying all over the ground. So I'm like what the heck?? My neightbor asked me if I had turned my breakers back on. Dud! No! There' lines lying in my yard. Didn't know they were dead. Turned the breakers on and lo and behold, let there be light! I went a whole 24 hours without knowing I had power!

Aimee said...


I have been wondering about how you are. SO glad to hear you're on the mend and got through the storm ok. Sorry to hear you fell and have been ill.