As you know, 13Months is officially pro-McCain. However, I have continued to pay attention to the political happenings including watching the conventions.

I have come to a conclusion: the mass media outlets truly do hate the Republicans.

In last week's coverage of the Democratic National Convention, I saw what I considered at the time to be normal and expected coverage. The anchors seemed smitten with Obama, but that was to be expected and I didn't find it over the top.

But, now that the Republicans are being covered, I notice that the media outlets seem to be doing everything possible to undermine them.

I started with NBC. CBS is my go-to network for most things - Big Brother, As the World Turns, local news - but not national news. Since I've been back from Iraq, I haven't had cable and I've been forced to watch the big three's national news. It's horrible and CBS is the worst. Katie Couric is terrible at her regular job. She's even worse at political coverage. Angie and I tried to watch CBS during the Democratic convention and she was painful to watch.

Ok, my point was that we started on NBC. They decided to show the tape of President Bush first. He spoke via satellite from Washington, DC. Their coverage began at 10, but his speech began before that, so they showed the taped version.

They decided to show it without crowd reaction; it was just his speech. Everytime he paused for cheers and applause we actually heard silence. Of course, this made him look like a maniac.

We switched to ABC and saw much of the rest of the speech with crowd reaction. It was a step up, but ABC would make up for it.

Both Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman spoke tonight. ABC chose to let their 3 correspondents and two analysts chat over the beginning of Fred Thompson's speech.

Then they talked over the beginning of Joe Lieberman's speech.

Then they went to a reporter on the floor DURING Joe Lieberman's speech to talk about Bristol Palin's pregnancy.

They wrapped up coverage not with the rest of Lieberman' speech, but with video of the anti-Republican protesters.

I watched every night of the Democratic National Convention and I never once saw an interrupted speech nor coverage of the protesters in Denver.


Mobea said...

I totally agree with you on this one. It's like the Republican party does not even exist. The media has already made up it's mind and is not willing to match the time given to the Democratic National Convention.
It will be interesting to see what kind of coverage they give tonight when Palin gives her speech.

Tammy said...

Don't you find it interesting that they are attacking Palin's daughter, but gave Edwards a pass? Interesting!!

Aimee said...

You're right; the media is extremely anti-Republican.

When it comes to conservatives, the media is at best rude, and completely unfair.

The media is already acting as though Obama has won the presidency. I won't expect this to change until election night when hopefully McCain wins.

It's a double standard. The Dems can sleep around on their wives, kill people in car crashes and everything else, but the slightest imperfection on the Republicans side, and they're on it like white on rice.