Angie Ate

my apple pie. Hence the new header.

It won't be around for long, much like the pie itself.

This weekend, of course, was the first weekend of Autumn and I think it felt like it.

On Saturday, we went to the Annual Flock Family Picnic in Pataskala. Now, no one there is actually named Flock anymore, but that's still the branch of the tree.

It was a lot of fun; very relaxing. I'm glad we've started getting together again. I remember there was always a big Christmas party when I was young, but that stopped almost 20 years ago!

I have one complaint, though. Too many people brought store-bought goods. The cookies were from Kroger and the Pumpkin Roll was from Giant Eagle (although it was DELICIOUS).

The worse offenders took their goods out of the store containers and put them in real dishes like the potato salad in a corningware dish. Don't pretend. I know where it came from. You might as well have put it out in the plastic cup it came in. And those baked beans. I don't believe you did anything more than microwave them and I barely believe even that much work went into them.

I intend to make something exceptional next year to shame the lazy people. Then, in 2010, I can expect a much better class of food.

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Tammy said...

You sure hit the nail on the head. It's not as though the reunion was a last minute idea, and most of the people who brought purchased items, don't work. Did you figure that one out???? Well, I did! I figure next year, I'll make things that I like, only a lot of it!!