Blackout Day 12

Nila has a crazy morning.

But not for us. According to AEP power has been restored to 100% of their customers in Franklin County.

We got power back on Thursday night. We didn't know about it until Friday, though. We moved ourselves back that evening when Sis got off of work.

We've been enjoying the electricity ever since!

There isn't too much excitement going on with us, but I want to share two websites:

First is Nila's blog. It's not new, but it's been updated -- with both pictures and videos.

The second is Angie's business website. She's been designing websites for some time, as you know, but now she's made it official and offered up her services to the needy public. You should check out her website and see some of the sites she's created. And, of course, feel free to hire her.


rdmeeker said...

I like the picture

Archie Mck said...

Glad to hear power is back