I know there's a lot of things going on in the world today. Obama's speech tonight, the possibility that we'll know McCain's running mate by the morning. Not to mention the many things happening in other countries, like Russia's "peace-keeping" forces in Georgia.

I have other problems, though.

CBS programming in Columbus has been pre-empted by football.

That means I'll miss the special live double-eviction episode. I'll miss it for pre-season football!


On a Thursday.

In August!

I have added a poll to the right to gauge what you think about it.

I mistakenly thought the game was against two out-of-state teams. In my rage, I failed to notice that one of the teams was Cleveland, but the sentiment is the same. I can't imagine caring less about the Browns' pre-season gameplay. In fact, I can't imagine caring less about the Browns' seasonal gameplay.

More than just that, though. Football is on three stations tonight in Columbus: ABC, NBC and CBS. That's unheard of.

And again, it's pre-season football on a Thursday in August. Why?

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Brian Stevenson said...

What an injustice! I'm writing my congressman.