It occurs to me that I have forgotten to report a very important event in my life and the life of my family.

As you may be aware, we intended to move to California this summer. You may in fact think that I have already done just that.

But I haven't.

We're still here in Columbus. We've moved to an apartment in the Grandview area.

We could (can) not afford to move to California. I was job hunting via the internet, but nothing was coming along and even though we had a very generous offer of a home, we decided that without a job, it was too risky to move across the country.

In all seriousness, with gas prices near $4 a gallon and food costs on the rise, it's scary to think about leaving our support network for joblessness in California.

We do still hope to be in California in the future; we still see it as a stepping stone to return to Iraq. We just can't do it now.

I struggled through the decision making process. Don't I have enough faith to believe that God can provide for my family in California? Don't I trust Him?

In the end, it's not a faith issue. I trust Him to provide for my family in Ohio. I'm still hunting for a job, but He provides for us miraculously at every turn. Moreover, I trust Him that His promises to me are good.

He's doing amazing things in Columbus, California, Iraq and throughout the world and He cares for us in all of those places.

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