Everyone's favorite blogger/reporter to cover the Kurds has moved on to Georgia.

Of course, he covers much more than the Kurds, but that's how I came to read his work.

The point of this post is to get you to read this; Michael Totten's report from Tblisi.

One quote that stood out to me was this one:
And my translator, whose husband works for Georgia’s ministry of foreign affairs, made a similar guess that the West helped save the capital. “The night they came close to Tbilisi,” she said, “Bush and McCain made their strongest speeches yet. The Russians seemed to back down. Bush and McCain have been very good for us.”
I think Americans have a tendency to deny our country's power - and therefore, duty - in the world. This quote reminds me on things I heard from Kurdish people on many occasions.

But, we have to remember that others expect those with power to act and inaction leads to resentment.

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