The Kroger Interview

So, today it finally happened.

I interviewed at the Kroger near my house.

The woman with whom I interviewed said, "You're the fourth person I've met this week with a college degree who can't find a job."

We discussed where I could be the best fit. In other words, we talked about the best way for me to earn my $7.15 an hour. Actually, there are many things to do at Kroger and they don't all sound like they'd drain the life out of someone. The only thing I told her I didn't want to do was work as a cashier; I think it would kill me.

I had to take a drug test and they'll do a background check. The hiring manager said she'd call me early next week.

Before I left she said, "I'll call you next week and we can discuss which job would be best. Unless, you can tell me that you've found you're dream job before then. Wouldn't that be great?"

Yes. Yes, it would.

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