This picture is of my "bathroom area." It's actually four rooms: the toilet room, the shower room, the shower waiting room and this big room with the sink, a door to the "outside" and some stairs.

I say "outside" because the door actually leads to what is more of an outdoor hallway. It has two windows for light in the bedrooms and has a roof of rebar lattice. I have a picture of the roof that I'll try to upload after I write my story.

Yesterday, I accidentally broke the hose that connects the water pipe to the sink. I'm not sure how it happened. I just touched it and water started spraying everywhere. I don't have any tools at my house, so I couldn't fix it.

I had two options: leave immediately and try to buy the necessary tools in the bazaar or continue about my day, let the water drain out of the roof tanks and fix it later. I chose the latter.

I tried to turn the tanks off, but that valve doesn't actually work. I went up to the roof to see if I could turn each one off separately. I could not, but I discovered that tank #3 was never actually turned on. That means, I can drain tanks #1 and #2, then fix my problem, turn on tank #3 and still have water while I wait for the city water to fill up tanks 1 and 2.

This happened at 6 pm. I left my house at about 7 to go to a meeting a Pak City. I got home around midnight and the water was still flowing out of the pipe. I want to bed and, when I got up this morning at 9, the water was still flowing out of the pipe. For all I know, it's still flowing at 1 pm.

But don't worry, the water just flows down the sink's drain which is in the floor, so I'm not flooding anything.

Ok, there it is. That's the ceiling of the back hallway thing. It's nice in that it gives the bedrooms extra sunlight, but it's a little weird.

In other news, Lucy has gone back to her home. Todd came and picked her up yesterday. I had been asleep when he came, so I'm a little foggy on why exactly he picked her up all of a sudden, but I thinks it's better that she go back to her home.

Today we're planning to go on a picnic to a village outside of the city. I don't know where it is exactly, but I am told that it isn't far and that we'll get to meet some old Kurdish people, so that should be fun.

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Vanessa said...

Ha Ha you chose to let the water drain out. Typical Bob.