Fourth Meal

So, I read today that Burger King is staying open later. You can read it too. Here.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of the Burger King - just that genius chicken fries commercial. The important part of the story is that "Fourth Meal" is apparently a real industry term. I thought it was just something that Taco Bell made up. I was wrong.

"Fourth Meal" is a meal eaten after dinner. It's not the same as a do-over meal, although they are similar. This is for the hearty eater unsatisfied with 3 meals and between-meal snacks and it's eaten after 10 pm.

Kurdistan doesn't have anything like this really. Except that they eat dinner really late, so sometimes you eat fruit and drink tea after 10 pm, but it can't count as fourth meal because it's attached to the third meal.

I find myself only eating second meal most days because I get up too late for the first one and I'm too lazy to make the third one myself. I think this is why it's so important for Kurds to get married; so no one goes hungry.

Did you know that White Castle was the first fast-food restaurant to stay open 24 hours? Well, you do now. The article is fairly interesting and it warns us that KFC may soon join the late-night fray, so watch out.


Angie said...

Raising Cane's is open until 3AM! I think that's a pretty great place to take a second, third or fourth meal! I'm sure when you get home we'll grab a few sometime...

Lucy said...

Have you checked out Roosters' hours?

Kate said...

Hey brother! I have la passporta. They spelled my name wrong. So, please refer to me as Ketherine, or Kettie.