Enlighten Away

So, there isn't much going on here... It's pretty hot, but I hear it's hot at home, too. I will remind everyone, though, for the sympathy, that I don't have air conditioning and my house is made out of concrete like some great stone oven.

The Kurds make bread in big stone ovens. They slap it up on the inside wall of the oven and it bakes there from the heat of the fire below and the transferred heat of the stone upon which it has been slapped. Some nights I feel like that bread as I try to sleep. I am nanni gerim.

I have had a house guest the past two nights. Her name is Lucy. That's her pic above. I am not sure why she's staying at my place as opposed to her normal home with Todd's neighbors, but she's here. This morning I woke up and found her in the back part of the house where the bathroom is. There are two glass doors which separate that area from the rest of the house. So there are two scenarios:

1. She opened the doors herself and then the doors closed behind her and she forgot how to open them again, or

2. I let her out and then fell asleep and left her outside all night. She went up the outside stairs, made her way through the unfinished second floor and down the inside stairs.

Oh, or...

3. The aliens from under the dishtowel abducted her and placed her back by the toilet.

I think it has to be option 1 (or 3...). I was tired the night before, but not drop-dead tired. I would have remembered to let the dog back in. Who knows? Maybe there is some mysterious fourth option of which I am unaware.

On a side note, I see that I have comments from Kate, but I thought Kate was supposed to be in France. Voulez vous tell me why you are not in France?


Anonymous said...

Since I miss you on Yahoo Messenger, I'll have to comment here and tell the world about my shingles. Anyway, we have not had a/c at work, so combine that w/shingles and you can agree that I'm much more uncomfortable than you :) I think Lucy is really a terrorist disguised as a dog-that's how she gets in and out so easily-be careful.
Is the bread good? It sounds good-see ya,

Kate said...

1. I will be in France from July 19th-July 29th....assuming I receive my passport
2. When I read that your house was made of concrete, I thought it said "chocolate". I was impressed by your chocolate abode. Haha
3.Please come home soon, I miss my brother.

Angie said...

Kate is funny. A chocolate house! It would melt! Like the melting chocolate Indian palace in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Maybe that's what happened. Part of the house melted and Lucy paddled out?

I haven't figured out how yet the house reformed in time for you not to notice.

But then again - the other leading theory has aliens living under the dishtowel...so maybe I don't have to have it all figured out just now!

Vanessa said...

So what you are saying is that you are the bread in the Iraqi brick oven of a house you are living in. I bet you would bake up into some fantastic cheese bread with a pungent odor that would be served with fruit preserves in a little cafe in France. You would be much enjoyed by all, but people would need to brush their teeth immediately upon consuming you.