Lot's of Pics

Picture of the toilet. Jealous?

Stairway to the unfinished second floor and, eventually, the roof

This is my bedroom window from the back corridor.

The shower. I took a picture of the ceiling because it's domed like a real Hamam.

Ok, that's pretty much all of the house pictures. I have a couple more, but now you've seen almost everything, so stop complaining.

Good luck on your passport, Kate!!


Brandi said...

So, isn't anyone else concerned by the crematorium door in Bob's shower?! Or, wait, is that where you bake your bread?

Vanessa said...

I love the fact that he cannot actully go to the bathroom (on the floor) and the shut the door without kissing his kneecaps. I love floor toilets when are we getting them here? If you accidently fall in the toilet, how far into the ground do you fall? Is it all the way to a magically new world that has built it's existence around floor toilets. Finally in the next care package to you, someone needs to send some paint, brushes, spackle and Bob Vila.