Best in Town

The picture to the right has nothing to do with the following story, but I have more pictures to upload of my house and I thought this was as good a time as any to post one more. This is the foyer.

I have two friends here who are dental students. They help arrange our TOEFL classes and worked with the first two English classes last year. I spent the morning with one of them and I asked him if there was a good dentist in town who could clean my teeth. I haven't had a teeth cleaning since 2002! so I thought it was time.

I figured, hey, I trust these guys, so I can trust a dentist recommended by them. Well, he didn't just recommend one, he recommended the best one in the city and insisted on taking me.

This afternoon, I had my teeth cleaned by an Iraqi dentist.

It was a good experience. Just like in the US, I had to wait an hour in the lobby and, just like the US, the equipment was clean and sterile and modern.

As he checked my teeth, he complemented me on the good condition of my teeth and gums. In Kurdish he told my friend that I have the best teeth in my city!

And it only cost about $30. Not too bad, I'd say.

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OTRgirl said...

I love the foyer/door.

I wish I could find a teeth cleaning for only $30. I guess if I add the cost of plane fare though, it's cheaper to stay here...