My Fan

Yesterday, I bought a fan in the bazaar. My fan was made in Japan and came with a great set of instructions and warnings. Here a couple of my favorites.

1. Keep the fan in the dry place and far from sunlight.

I think Iraq qualifies as THE dry place.

2. Easy cleaning by using the damp cloth to wipe out the dirty.

3. Do not use the fan near a light object. It will cause a dangerous because fan will imbibe all that light object into the fan.

So, my fan is a tiny black hole sucking all light into itself? This one had me a little worried. I mean, I certainly don't want to be the cause of a dangerous. Especially one that involves imbibing the light object.

I used my fan last night and I slept very well, thank you, but I turned off all the light objects before I turned the fan on. Just in case.


Anonymous said...

tres,tres humereaux-shout out to Kettie!!!

Brandi said...

Haha! I was just telling Angie how much I appreciate Asian people. This is yet another reason :)

carrie said...

so so classic! a hard laugh was just what i needed today! thanks!

Kate said...

I'm home! France was really greeeat! I am really happy to be home, though.
One unsettling piece of information...no one cared that my passport did not match my ticket or I.D.
Not one person asked at all...this makes me question who is able to sneak into our country.
However, the customs guy in Switzerland sincerely believed I may have brought weapons with me. I must have looked like a crazy lady today.

vanessa said...

Ha Ha Japanese translations to English are always the Bees Knees.