I have tested my blog and it has been found suitable for all readers.

So does this mean I'm boring?

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Angie said...

OH! Not In Kansas was rated PG, based on the use of the word "Breast 1x."

I guess we're both pretty tame, considering that use of breast was probably in relation to breast cancer.

BrianStevenson.com said...

BrianStevenson.com was rated PG-13. I think the rating is based on the posts on the front page (not the archive).

I actually took the liberty to check your archive and you sported a "G" rating for every month except November 2005, June 2006, and June 2007. In those three months, you were rated an astounding PG!

Here were my bad words:
dead (3x)
abortion (2x)
death (1x)

I didn't realize Jesus was so hardcore! Go Jesus!

Throughout the Bible we read of Jesus raising the dead

He has risen from the dead! Don’t you remember what he told you back in Galilee

His power which raised Christ from the dead! Ask the Holy Spirit

for God’s Spirit to help you focus on the truth of Christ’s death and resurrection

Considering Abortion? God does not make mistakes

“it’s not even really a baby yet, just have an abortion”. What should I tell her? Is a baby alive at 8 weeks of age?