Important Lessons

Today I learned some very important things about Kurdish culture

  1. Cures for Jaundice:

    a. If it is a man, he should sit in a room with other men and they will talk. At some point a woman will come in and sit and talk with the man who has jaundice. She will slap him.

    b. If it is a child, he or she should eat small live fish. These fish will swim around in the stomach for a while and the child will be cured.

    c. You can also just take the child to look at some fish. If he or she throws coins at the fish, all the better.

  2. Apparently women cannot be cured of jaundice. Sorry, ladies.

  3. This story passes for humor:

    There were two couple, one was a young man and woman in a village and the other was a young man and woman in a village. The two in the city met at a local park. When the man arrived, the woman said, “Why didn't you bring me flowers?” The man replied,”You are a flower. What do you need with flowers?”

    The village couple met in the village and the woman said, “Oh, my shoe is broken why didn't you bring me new shoes?” The man replied, “You are shoes. What do you need with shoes?”


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Vanessa said...

Obviously the Kurdish have been taken humor lessons from Erin Thacker. I.E. grape booby booby booby. Yes, that story you just wrote rivals the "grape booby" knock knock joke from the late 80s, "For best when told when the person listening is inebriated".

Kate said...

I am supposed to get my passport today! I really hope that I do. What do you want as a souvenir?

Brandi said...

Hey Kate! I decided that I would like some type of purse or bag. It doesn't need to be fancy. I just want to be able to say that it is French :)

rdmeeker said...

Kate, I don't know what I want, but make it good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,
Is it too late to add an order for a really cool French T-shirt, in M or L? Something with a snazzy saying in French? Have a great time-my turn is next!!!!!!