Lighter Fare

Ok, so I decided to post a much less heavy post today.

To the left you see a bunch of junk for sale on a cart. You can't see the cart, but it looks like you'd expect. It's flat with three wheels underneath and two handles for pushing.

Men will push these all over town filled with goods for sale: candy, vegetables, shoes, dishes. It's called an arabanna.

Do you know the difference between an arabanna and an Arab?

An arabanna wears the tire underneath and an Arab wears it on his head...

Ah, Kurdish jokes...

Do you know the difference between a traffic cop and ice cream?

Ice cream runs when it's hot.


Angie said...

MMMmmm... Biskrem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Honey,
your last post was very unsettling; I just couldn't wrap my mind around it, especially about the reason behind the tatooing. I just couldn't imagine doing that, it makes the people in this country, who rush to get their kids fingerprinted, seem almost comical. There is no comparrison. On a lighter note; I don't know if you get much BB8 news; but I have become a big fan of, ewwwww no matter how I say this it's going to sound awful...oh I know-a big fan of Danielle's father. Hahahahaha!!!! He, at least appears to be a very straight forward person and puts it all out there!!! Anyway, love and miss you and can't wait to see you.