Friday the 13th

Yesterday was pretty awesome.

A friend - let's call him Harvey - invited all of us to go on a picnic with him to his family's village just outside of town.

When he arrived at the office to take us, he said that we could go swimming if we liked. We all said yes because it's about 75 degrees Celsius here and off we went expecting to swim in a shallow river or mud puddle of some kind. But, Harvey took us to a REAL swimming pool.

His uncles built a a real concrete (of course) above-ground pool in the middle of their plot of farm land and filled it up just for us, so the water was extra cold and delightful. It was great! I don't have any pictures, yet, but I will try to get some from the others, so you can see what I'm talking about.


Vanessa said...

Yeah you went to a pool. On another note the kids are here with me and really miss you. Hannah also wants me to tell you Sam is stinky!

Anonymous said...

So, you went swimin' in the cement pond? Jethro and Ellie Mae would be so jealous!!! Just had dinner with your sister and your wife-it was YUMMY!!!! We went to Villa Nova. Oh, and I want you to know, the incident at Red White and Boom-the drummer started it!!!