2009 Year in Review

January: Angie convinced me to answer a bunch of questions about something. I turned it into an acronym which I think stood for "Kindle Your Manifest Destiny." I decided to expand from sea to shining sea. Obama was inaugurated and I wrote him an open letter which still stands up a year later and I boycotted Donato's.

February: I didn't write it, but I can only assume I spent the entire month being much too cold. I got a job and we were all crazy about Octomom.

March: I realized I didn't have to observe Earth Hour until 4905, I made a stuffed bunny and I remembered Halabja. And Nila was cute!

April: Angie and I visited the Deep South: Cincinnati. More importantly, we toured Columbus' finest taco trucks. I also had a birthday, but I failed to mention it on my blog. Poor me.

May: I was super crafty in May. I made hummus, yogurt and (planned to make) various types of flavored waters. I also got into an argument with the lady at the towing company. Didn't mean I didn't have to pay...

June: Iran protested the government, but we were more concerned about a fly killed deftly by Sasquatch.

July: Angie and I went to the UA 4th of July parade before heading to the ER, the Kurds held elections, I yearbooked myself and most importantly I seen Beyonce at Burger King.

August: Good Lord this year was dull. In August, I made fun of Shakira's english and had a bad morning. (and Mom turned 52. She gets mad when I don't mention her birthday in the yearly review)

September: I gradually stopped blogging in the last half of 2009. The only things to report from September are than Patrick Swayze died and NPR covered the closure of the Jungle of Calais. It was also Nila's second birthday and my third weddign anniversary. I did not comment on those events at the time.

October: Exercise tried to kill me.

November: Angie went crazy for Naked Slanket.

December: I told you I hadn't abondoned the blog, but clearly that's not 100% true.

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