A Parade and the ER (Not Related)

Two things happened on the 4th of July: Nila saw her first parade and Angie had an allergic reaction to her medication.

On Saturday morning, we went to the parade in Upper Arlington. It was about two or three blocks from our house. I don't know that I've ever lived closer to a parade route.

Nila had a great time. She danced with the cheerleaders and clapped with the bands. She did not enjoy the loud trucks or the fire engines. Angie and I had to cover her ears during those moments so that she wouldn't try to shove the small American flags she'd been given into her ears.

We watched for about an hour before we abandoned the affair. Not that the parade wasn't fun; it was just so very long.

In addition to the excitement of the parade, Angie found that she was allergic to her new medication. A rash had developed on the backs of her arms. She called her doctor and he told her to take some benadryl and to stop the meds.

She did that, but on Sunday the rash was worse. And it had spread to her neck, down her arms, her ears, her face. All over really.

She called the doctor again. This time he sent her to the ER.

At the ER, they gave her a steroid shot in the butt and a prescription for Atarax.

The combo helped the rash, but by Tuesday, her throat had swelled and was painful. The ER doc told her to come back if these symptoms presented. She called her doctor, but he did not respond.

So, last night, at about 9:30 pm, we headed back to the ER.

After three long hours, the doctor told her she was fine. he advised her to cut her dosage of the Atarax in half and to go from there.

That seems to be doing the trick.

In other news, Angie's mom is in town for the next couple of weeks.