Farm Town

I don't know how many times I've played Bejeweled on Facebook today.

If you forced me to guess I'd say 297 and I'd wonder why you cared enough to force a number out of me.

Seriously, you should have something else to worry about.

One might ask why I spend so much time playing games whilst at work. The answer is fairly simple: it's better than sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs between phone calls.

Angie often asks why I don't do something more productive. I explain that I can't focus on any one thing too deeply as I'm drawn away to the phone at least once every 5 minutes or so on average.

Some of the calls are complex, some are simple, but all require my attention to be drawn from something else. It means I spend a lot of time on meaningless tasks - if tasks isn't too strong a word for Bejeweled.

But today I may have sunk to a new low - one I'm less than comfortable with. I started playing FarmTown. Now I'm waiting for my virtual grapes and potatoes to ripen so I can harvest them and buy a virtual fence or hay bale or pile of wood.



Anonymous said...

I, myself, like to play match the Yoplait yogurt on Yahoo.games. I love the excitement of trying to get past level five or 12,500 points. Give it a try on a boring nite. Or try The Scruffs, a discovery game. Aunt Kathy

Tammy said...

Oh honey, how sad.....:(