Naked Slanket

I was watching QVC the other day. I saw the following product:

Later, I explained it to Angie and the follwoing conversation ensued.

Me: "Do you know the Slanket?"
Angie: "Yes"
Me: "Well, now they have a luxury version. It's furry and it has a pocket for you hands."
Angie: "Cool"
Me: "It also has a pouch for you feet. Looks pretty comfortable."
Angie: "Why would you wear it naked?"
Me: "...what?"
Angie: "Would you wear it with no clothes on? It's weird."
Me: "Me? Why would you say that?"
Angie: "Well, you said it looks comfortable."
Me: "..."
Angie: "I don't know."


Angie Meeker said...

Nerd. It was because you said it even had a pouch for your feet - it made me think of footie pajamas. And I didn't mean NAKED -- I mean without clothing (except underwear, of course). You made it sound like a great big footie pajama, and I thought that was strange;;

Tammy said...

You two always have the most intelligent conversations. :)