Ok. This may be the last blog to take on the octomom issue, but I have something important to say.

She has 14 kids. So what?

She's not the first person to have 14 kids. Having 14 kids does not make you a bad mother. Not aborting eight children does not make her a bad mother. Having tons of plastic surgery does not make her a bad mother. Being poor and on food stamps does not make her a bad mother.

She may be a poor decision maker. Maybe. We don't really know why she did what she did. And, honestly, who cares? Why is it our business?

I don't care for the argument that she's a burden on the system and so she and her kids are everybody's problem.

Really? Isn't that what welfare was designed to do? Are she and her kids the only 15 people receiving government aid suddenly? I didn't realize.

Taxpayers are spending billions of dollars to bail out failed businesses and yet the media has the audacity to waste time covering one woman on welfare. Does the money spent on even a lifetime of government aid for this family even come close to comparing to the money thrown down the drain on GM and Chrysler?

The answer is no!! Stop wasting time and energy tearing down this woman. Spend your time and energy figuring out where the real money is going. Spend your time figuring out why the auto industry can't seem to find a workable business model!

Don't be deceived by the media's inane distractions.

I will admit, though, I really like the nickname Octomom.


Angie Meeker said...

It makes her sound like a superhero octopus.

Tammy said...


jen said...

true, but you have to admit the whole idea is a little dumb.

rdmeeker said...

I never denied that the idea was dumb. I mean a single mom with 14 kids from a sperm donor, living with her parents who are about to lose their home [and from the amount owed, they were in trouble well before Octomom decided to add to her brood of 6] and those lips are certainly bad ideas.

I'm just saying it's not the worst decision ever and she's not the first person to make bad decisions.

Coralene said...

This morning I read that she's been offered one million dollars to do an eight-guys-in-one-day porn film, which she said she will consider after one year when her "baby fat" has been reduced. So, worried little taxpayers, rest assured, she will not be requiring your charity for long!

rdmeeker said...

Would that work for banks and the auto industry?