Job Contest: The Results Show

Back in October I put forth a challenge; the first of you to give me the tip that got me a paying job was to win $50.

You can all stop looking. The Contest has a winner. It's Chad. Congratulations Chad.

I started on Monday. I work the night shift at a call center (we call it the Command Center). It's pretty good and the pay is right. It's also only four days a week, which is really good for us right now.

AND it let's both Angie and I work at the same time. Well, not simultaneouisly mind you - she's at home asleep right now.

Thanks again to Chad and to everyone else who helped. This job is project-based, so we may see another contest in the Fall.


Mobea said...

Hey, that's great! You guys are just getting blessings left and right now. Wow!!! I hope that you get to have some fun at your new job.

OTRgirl said...

Congrats on the job! Sounds like it's been a frustrating journey. Glad you found something in the midst of this crazy economy.