Birthday Report

(For the record, I didn't get mad about the picture as Angie suggests. I just got whiny. It's different)

Now that I'm thirty, I think I should reflect on the past.

The past two days.

My birthday started out in the best possible way: I slept in until 11:30 am.

At 5 o'clock we went to dinner at a local restaurant called "Generic Berry." It has a great rooftop terrace and cool Middle Easter decor.

They no longer serve dinner, just tea. So, we crossed the street and ate at a restaurant which none of us had ever been to called "Something In Arabic." Turns out it was a buffet. They had salads and dinner rolls and rice and soups and meatballs and even lasagna!

They also had jello with a picture of a flower made out of colored coconut. I did not eat it.

We ate and had a good time before blowing out the candles and eating some cake. I also got a phone call from Miranda. Thanks Miranda.

After dinner we went to the city's best sweet shop where we were met by a larger group of friends, both Kurdish and American. We had baklava and opened presents. Well, I opened presents. I got many fine things appropriate for Kurdistan!

But I did not get more Golden Spy.

Speaking of presents, Angie bought me a bunch of stuff from Amazon.com and had it shipped here. Then she lovingly wrapped it and took care to tell me not to shake it or secretly open it and retape it or touch it or lick it. Then she gave me one on Tuesday as a pre-birthday gift.

Then she got so excited that she gave me all of them on Tuesday. She couldn't take the waiting!

She got me a couple of CDs and books and tricked me with Kurdish candy. One of the books is called Invisible Nation. You should expect a post on it soon. I cannot recommend enough that you read it!

Today, we had a picnic at the lake which was not birthday-related, although the birthday song was sung to me.

Thanks to everyone who called or e-mailed or MySpaced to wish me a happy birthday. I really do appreciate it. Thanks, too to Mom and Mo for your Hoops and YoYo cards. They were both very funny.


Mobea said...

Wait until you are back in the states and I get to "sing" happy birthday to you at 6:30 am. I always make sure that you know that it's me that's singing it,right Angie? Great picture, sounds like you guys had a pretty good day for your birthday. hmmmm, I don't even know if I remember my 30th. That was a lonnnnnnggggg time ago. But Happy Birthday. Can't wait to see you all.

Mobea said...

I just noticed in the picture that it looks like you guys only have one pair of legs. Two bodies and one set of legs. It's kind of cool when you look at it. Nila is getting so big!!!

Tammy said...

What a wonderful picture. Angie looks FANTASTIC!!!! IQ agrees with her. You hooked me; I reserved the book at the library. Although, I don't know why you don't write your own book about your experiences there!!!