I read this on the web today:

A wave of dust storms has recently hit Kurdistan region, as a result, only in Sulaimani 15 people were hospitalized due to breathing-related problems within the last 24 hours.
The Director of Sulaimani Meteorology Directorate, Dara Hassan, denied whether the drought, which has threatened Kurdistan region this year, resulted in the dust storm, saying the dust storm is irrelevant to the drought because during the past years, Kurdistan region did not experience drought while it was occasionally hit by dust storms.

As he said, rain showers are expected with various ratios in different areas across Kurdistan by the end of the current month.
It was accompanied by this picture:

Now, don't get me wrong. It's been dusty, but I don't know where they took that picture. Mars maybe.

There was one day a week or so ago where it was really dusty. It was very strange for someone from Ohio, but it hasn't been as bad as that picture would suggest. At least not where I live.

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