This isn't anything new. I think most of you know about Post Secret. 

I am writing about it today for two reasons.

1) I like the secret above. I do the same thing. It surprises me that people think that plastic film is supposed to be there. It's weird. Here in Iraq, they leave the plastic on EVERYTHING! And not just plastic film, but shipping plastic. Office chairs are covered in plastic, car parts, everything. It's drives me insane.

2) I just noticed the links to the site in German, French and Spanish.  

If you like Post Secrets in English, you might enjoy them in another language.

If you don't like Post Secrets, then you probably won't like them any more in another language. 

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Mobea said...

So does that mean that you saved the bubble wrap that i sent in the box? Come on,admit it you did. It's too much fun to pop the bubbles.