The Birthday Post

April 10 is my birthday, as i am sure you know.

However, this year you may find it difficult to know exactly when to celebrate. In my opinion there are really four options:

1) Midnight in Iraq
2) The time of my birth, but in Iraq
3) The time of my birth in Eastern Daylight Time
4) The time of my birth in Central Daylight Time

I have created a handy chart to help you decide exactly when you should celebrate my birthday based on your decision with some additional explanation below to help you choose.

I have not included a chart for gift giving, but don't let that make you complacent.

(In my browser there is a huge amount of blank space between this line and the chart. If you have this problem, too, just pretend that I put it there intentionally to create a more dramatic effect and to heighten suspense.)

2008 Birthday Schedule
Time ZoneMidnight in Iraq1:21 PM Iraq1:21 PM Ohio1:21 PM Texas
Iraq12 AM April 10
1:21 PM April 10
8:21 PM April 109:21 PM April 10
Ohio (EDT)5 PM April 9
6:21 AM April 10
1:21 PM April 102:21 PM April 10
Texas (CDT)4 PM April 9
5:21 AM April 10
12:21 PM April 101:21 PM April 10

Why celebrate at midnight in Iraq?

This is when I will consider it my birthday. I did not consider midnight in other time zones because I am not in other time zones.

Why celebrate at 1:30 PM in Iraq?

I don't know. This one is a bad idea. Don't do it.

Why celebrate at 1:30 PM EDT?

I was born at (or around) 1:30 pm, but not in Ohio, so this one doesn't make too much sense either, but I figure that, because I lived most of my 30 years in Ohio, it would be acceptable to celebrate at this time.

Why celebrate at 1:30 PM CDT?

I was born in Texas, so this is technically the correct time to celebrate. However, I don't want to wait until 9:30 PM to celebrate. Don't judge me.


I was informed by my mother that I was born at 1:21 PM, so I changed the chart.

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite part of the entire post:

I was informed by my mother that I was born at 1:21 PM, so I changed the chart.

I don't know of many mothers who DON'T know the exact time each child was born.

Mine were at 2:05 PM and 5:31 AM. I was born at 4:51 PM. All EST.

What time was Nila born?

In any case,


Celebrate as you please, no matter which time zone you're in. Because that chart? It makes my head hurt.