Some Note

You may not be surprised to know that I have been keeping up with American Idol. 

I wasn't until last week, though. I found out that I can watch the performances at americanidol.com.

Tonight, I watched the top nine perform. I have some things to say about Syesha Mercado's performance. 

First, I think she should have picked another song. It's a little predictable for the only black girl to do the Whitney song. Moreover, it's just predictable for that song to be done on American Idol (same goes for you, "Coat of many Colors"). 

Second, it wasn't too bad. 

Third, on the video page someone named "DavidARoxLuvHim " actually wrote this comment:

Wow! Syesha can hold some note!!!! Great Job!

So, I guess that's a compliment. You can do something! Good work! It's pretty noncommittal.

I mean, I could accept "Wow, she sure can hold a not. Great Job," or "Wow, she can hold a note like nobody's bidness. Sing it, sister."

But, alas, she can simply hold some note. We'll never even know which one it was.

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Mobea said...

They are all still set since they made it in the top ten. They get to tour this summer and they'll make a ton of money. So just getting that far is pretty cool. Did you see the interview where David had lost the use of one his vocal cords and that's why he sings as well as he done. Incredible. That is such a blessing.