T Minus 20 Days and Counting

Umm, not that I'm counting or anything.

Hypothetically, let's say that I have a Kurdish friend who is desperate for a visa to come to the United States.

Let's also say that he doesn't qualify for the typical visas; he can't claim asylum, he doesn't have family in the US, he can't go to school, etc. Hypothetically, of course.

Let's go ahead and assume that he was also denied a tourist visa. He is young and single.

What would the options be?


Mobea said...

He marries your sister. LOL
Nila will deny this picture when she grows up. No, No, I have not idea who this man is.

Kate said...

Dear brother,
As much as I would love to help the cause I will not be able to do so. I already ran away and married a gypsy king.
No big deal or anything.
Nastassja, however, is still mighty single.
Think about it.

Your youngest sister

Tammy said...

He really cannot get a work visa???? The job offer is still open.

Ness Kinney said...

Trainee Visas
Religious Visas
Exchange Visas (however I believe someone must go to his counrty in his place).

Mobea said...

Well, Brandi, since Kate ran away with a gypsy, then I guess it's up to you.

Brandi said...

Ummm...I..uh...got nothin. Let me know...

Aimee said...

Could someone adopt him? (I know he's a young man, but how desperate is he? I'm half joking and half serious. I have no idea how these things work.)

jen said...

he can work in my sweatshop