Iran Invades

I would certainly hope that the US news is covering this. 

We got news this morning that overnight the Iranian army began invading Iraq. Local TV has pictures of the army in Basra!

So far, they haven't moved into the Kurdish region and experts don't expect them to, but the Kurdish military has been moving towards the border all day with huge convoys moving through our city.

It's pretty weird, but we feel perfectly safe. We've been assured by the US Army that there's no indication of the Iranian army moving towards the north.

We've also been assured that today is April 1.


Mobea said...

I think that because obvious when Iran started bombing all around you. But that was nothing to worry about. That was 90 miles away. The same as on the the other side of Houston. But you're safe. It' not until they bomb a couple blocks away. Oh wait, they already did that. But, Bob, I'm not going to freak, because you made me a promise. You will all make it home safe. You promised. God be with you. I love you all with all of my heart.

Mobea said...

April 1st. DUD!!!!! I swear, Robert, I'm going to buy you some toy soldiers to play with. LOL

Brandi said...

My brother is a punk!

Ness Kinney said...

Does it still count as an April Fool's joke if I did not read it until the 2nd? I think not.