Pour Femme

I finally got up the energy to make the long and dangerous trek to the scanner. Which is 15 to 20 feet away in the living room, which is a separate room from the office. But, I think all of my effort was worth it. Now you can fully appreciate GoldenSpy. (Well, 99% appreciate. I cut of part in my scan...)

Rest assured that I am fully "Licensed to Thrill" even though this picture would seem to suggest that I am only "Icensed to Thrill." I can promise you that this is not the case.

In other news: it's Easter. I hope everyone found their Easter Basket this morning. I also hope that everyone finds any and all eggs that they've hidden. More importantly I hope everyone finds faith in their risen savior. If not, Jason's latest blog update might be of some use, so check it out.

Also, we have hired a cook/cleaning lady for the office and she started today. This is great news! Today we're having Kufte for lunch which is like meatballs wrapped in rice and is very good. Today we're also having newly vacuumed rugs and someone else doing our dishes!

Good times.

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Tammy said...

OKAY-I did have to hide Brandi's basket and Angie's. She took your place yesterday-she helped set the table, looked for her basket, etc... Although, she did claim that you knew we would do that and she was instructed, by you, to tell Brand that she didn't have to do anything. So, if that's the case, shame on you!!! Missed you yesterday, but I can't wait to hear about your picnic. OH, and the perfume is mine, right????
Love you