So, I went to Kirkuk...

... and had a great time.

Did you that Kirkuk claims to be the burial place of the biblical Daniel? Neither did I, but I saw the place where he is buried.

Well, I saw it from the car. As we drove past. Kirkuk isn't exactly what one would call "safe for tourism."

Contrary to what one might expect, I had a very relaxing weekend: watching TV, hanging out with (cool) Americans, eating Pizza Hut pizza (neither rice nor beans in sight!).

Unfortunately, on the last night I started feeling a little "under the weather." Sis will know what I mean... Anyway, I wasn't well and in the morning I felt terrible.

On the way out they packed us into bullet-proof vests (better safe than sorry, right?) and we were on our way. We only wore the vests until we were out of the city, then we took them off.

As we drove home I started to feel really nauseous. Now, I'm not one to feel car sick, but that didn't stop me from blowing chunks all over the side of the road, did it? I was miserable, so I asked the driver to stop. And there, in the rain, on the side of an Iraqi highway, I was sick for the first time in years, I think, and I was left wondering: When, exactly did I eat rice?

Ah, good times in Kurdistan.


Brandi said...

Funny! I knew it would be hard to live in Iraq. I mean having to wear a black mask all the time. Being a woman must be awful!

Tammy said...

I only have one question, did your ears get red? Love Mom

Angie said...


There's a new tv show called "How I Met Your Mother." There's a great episode called, "Vomit Free Since 93," that would be a great tag along for this post... hahah... but right now, I'm the only one laughing because I'm the only who is thinking of that show! Too bad for you...it's funny.

Tammy said...

Angie-I love that show!!! I had forgotten all about that episode and you're right-perfect tag line. On another note: what are you and Christy doing for Easter?

Angie said...

Easter? When's that? ;-)

Craig said...

Is Pizza Hut everywhere? Scott (Joellenbeck) was saying that he misses some of the places to eat around here but not Pizza Hut and McDonalds because they are there.

You know you had me "under the weather".

Angie said...

Craig - I didn't even see this until now - but I thought the same thing! Are Pizza Hut and McDonald's the only restaurants in the world? (well, and apparently some place in K'stan that sell sweet and sour sand?)