Licensed to Thrill

I had a pretty good 28th birthday here in K'stan. We had a Mexican feast and it was wonderful.

We invited some Kurds and had a good time. We all wore funny hats. Well, we all wore the same funny hat which we passed around. And I got some great Kurdish gifts, like a bottle of "Golden Spy," which was pour femme, but how can one expect the Kurds to read French?

It was this gift which gave me my license to thrill. So now I can do it legally!

So, in response to the above, Angie wrote:

I'm so glad that you had a cool birthday. Hey, I didn't understand what you wrote about the bottle of Golden Spy...and french. Would you please tell me again in English? I'm sure all the pieces are there for me to understand, but for some reason it's not making sense to me. It sounds like you got a bottle of wine, but the label was in French; and you didn't realize that the Kurds would even read French. And then, you went and got drunk, like you always do whenever there's alcohol present, and went on a killing spree while wearing your hot new cowboy hat.

Is that about right?

I guess I should clarify that Golden Spy is perfume.


Angie said...

Gee thanks, Bob. This just further solidfies my position as the uncultured one. ;-) Just for the record, I figured it out about two minutes later, on my own.

Tammy said...

How come you get exactly what I wanted for mother's day, on your birthday???? I have been asking for a bottle of Golden Spy and a cowboy hat (I don't think it's funny at all!!!) forever but you and your sister just don't listen to me. GEEEZ!!
Seriously, I am so happy you had a great birthday. I love it that you're having a great time over there. Love you honey

rdmeeker said...

The cowboy hat isn't the funny one, but I don't have any pictures of myself in that one...

Angie said...

No really, the cowboy hat IS the funny one.

Tammy said...

Good, now I feel better cause I was really liking the cowboy hat; sure could use it now. I did update my blog, but it hasn't posted yet. I don't know what's going on-
**like the hat, like the hat, bring it home, hint hint**** :)hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

OTRgirl said...

Your pal there in the dust bowl sent me here. She told me you were hilarious, but I had no idea there was such a great clan of very funny people around you!

I loved Angie's email response! Visualizing that spree will keep me laughing for days!