Silently Stalking Other Bloggers


I am slowly stealing your life, so watch out. I am not a little fat for stalking...

Everyone else,

I did not steal the following from OTRGirl. I think she pre-stole it from me.

1) Pandora.com: You put in a song or artist and it generates a stream based on that. It's pretty cool. Jem's "Come on Closer" resulted in Hilary Duff's "Hold On," which is not an indictment on Pandora's system, but it's a little strange. They're lucky I secretly love Hilary Duff with her new giant horse-teeth.

Oh, and, no Sis and Vanessa, I don't mean that Jem...

2) The following is an ABC list of stuff. I think it's self-explanatory, so don't ask any questions...

ABC meme

Accent: I have no accent. I stand by this statement. I was, however,recently roundly mocked for my use of the phrase "That light needs fixed." I contend that "to be" is implied, as in "the car needs washed," or "the floor needs swept." No one agreed with me, but Joan did defend me with: "Oh yeah, they say that all over the Ohio Valley." Which lumps me in with Wheeling !?! Thanks for nothing, Joan.

Booze: Everyone knows I'm a teetotaler...

Chore I hate:Easier question: Chores I like, Answer: None

Dog or Cat: People with cats push them around in strollers, so, dog.

Essential Electronics:iPod. Oh, and my Palm now that I can track my finances appropriately!

Favorite Cologne:Der, GoldenSpy...

Gold or Silver: Silver unless we're talking bars, then it's gold all the way.

Hometown: Columbus. Reprazentin' for the 614!

Insomnia: I'm awake right now, so...

Job Title: Office Operations Director or, more affectionately, Ood.

Kids: I don't have any, but I see them on the street sometimes. And, yes, sometimes I kick them.

Living Arrangements:3 guys, one house, no rats. Allhamdulillah

Most admirable traits:Umm. All of them? Really, I would say that I know when to be quiet and I get the job done

Number of Sexual Partners: People, this is a family website. This question will offend the children. But if they complain directly, I will kick them.

Overnight Hospital Stays:None that I can remember, at least not any where I was the one in the room.

Phobias: I am afraid of roaches, but I wouldn't say I'm phobic. I just think they're going to eat me. Seriously.

Quote: "People in Hell want ice water"

Religion: Christian. Yay, Jesus!

Siblings:4 sisters, two older and two younger. And, no, I don't need your pity.

Time I wake up:Let's see. The morning meeting is at 8:30, so...8:27

Unusual Talent or Skill: I know all the words to "Careless Whisper" by Wham! and I can sing it in the grocery store.

Vegetable I love: Does corn count?

Worst Habit: I don't really pay attention

X-rays:I have always been pro X-Ray. Some of my best friends are X-Rays.

Yummy foods I make: My pea dumplings are TDF

Zodiac Sign:Aries, or, if your Chinese, Horse. Or, if your fundamentally against this type of thing, I don't know my sign. I don't follow that kind of thing...


Angie said...

1). Pandora totally nailed you! That music is absolutely you! and what's even worse, aside from the every fourth track which is a dance track, I like them too. How sad.

2). Who is this OTR girl anyway? She must think she's someone special to come in and be brilliant like this. We were fine without her...Remember - she said WE were funny and great before we thought SHE was funny and great.

(so. OTR girl. Wanna come over to Ohio for dinner sometime soon? We play a mean game of Balderdash. Or at least Robert and I do. Everyone else pretty much sucks because they don't know how to lie...so you might want to wait until he's home...hahaha...)

Tammy said...

Okay-I suppose it takes Mom to set the record straight-you have been in the hospital overnight-Scott&White Hospital-Temple,TX-remember the "ball" cast you used to bang on everyone's knees? I have pictures to prove it!! Yes, the pea dumplings are TDF-I almost did :)And I am taking full credit for your ability to sing to Wham in the grocery store.

Angie said...

Haha! Tammy just reminded me that I know the story of Bob's bowling ball cast. When Bob tells it, it just goes something like, "Mom wasn't paying attention to me, and I fell off a chair, and cut my hand on a glass."

When TAMMY tells it, it's VERY funny... Bob probably wouldn't think so he was the one lying in a pool of blood with a severed finger...but hey - "Most men, they'll tell you a story straight true. It won't be complicated, but it won't be interesting either."

The truth is - the whole family is a bunch of Big Fish.

OTRgirl said...

Ha! Angie, I see why you and "Fat for Stalking" are such a great pair. You both make me laugh (which is not good for my professional image here at work...! He's told you you aren't allowed to laugh in public in the Place-that-must-not-be-named? You're in trouble...

Dinner would be great! If we have to drive cross country this summer for the possible move, we'll have to say 'hi!'. Or you could drive to ghetto Cincinnati and say hi to my Dad. He's good at eating corn. Also the model for Big Fish.

Angie said...


No, I KNOW what he's doing. I can see it now. He's planning a "Let's-laugh-at-Angie-because-she-blew-her-drink-out-her-nose-because-she-was-trying-not-to-laugh-while-drinking-a-lemonade-for-fear-of-being-beheaded" incident.

I can just see it now. We'll be sitting around at Love Time, chowing down on whatever it is they serve at Love Time (probably Brain Stew, or beans and rice), Bob will look over at me with that knowing glance that I will think means I love you, and "Stephanie" will be averting her eyes the whole time, so she won't be able to clue me in on what's about to happen...but that "knowing glance" that usually DOES mean I love you...is really his clue to start Operation Blow Drink.

He'll start in on telling the team the funny story that we back home know as "Powder Butt Bob," which of course, I know. THAT will be the funny part. I KNOW THE STORY. I won't be able to laugh at the obviously funny-approaching punch line. And so there I will be, with a mouth full of lemonade and brain stew, trying desperately to hold both the gut wrenching laughter and food in, when I just won't be able to contain it any longer, and that feeling...you know - that awful painful feeling of release when the liquid has no other place to go but out your nasal passages... yeah.

And that day will live forever in our history as the "Let's-laugh-at-Angie-because-she-blew-her-drink-out-her-nose-because-she-was-trying-not-to-laugh-while-drinking-a-lemonade-for-fear-of-being-beheaded" day.

And he's planning it even now...because THAT'S who he is. He loves me, that's true...but he's not above planning this years in advance. After all...LOVE is built on friendship right? And what's a good friendship without a few pranks here and there?

BTW? Have you seen this picture yet?


Katie said...

Hey Bob!
Well I am currently employed at Applebees, as in I go to work and sometimes take orders, but I quit trying last weekend. Why? They refused to let me (the first cut carside) leave because they (the managers) failed to schedule a second carside. It would not have been such a big deal if I didn't have a free ticket to see TIM MCGRAW AND FAITH HILL. So basically I have been ignoring the management all together. Prom is next weekend! Exciting huh? I take my AP English exam on Monday. Let's hope for a FIVE!!!!!
Well comment back!
Love ya!

rdmeeker said...

Kate, you have lost your mind. "I quit trying last weekend" made the whole office laugh. I expect tons of pictures from prom and good luck on your exam!

Angie, your story is flawed for two reasons:
1) They don't behead people in Kurdistan. Kidnap for cash, yes. Behead, no.
2) There is no lemonade in Iraq...

Angie said...

No Lemonade?

Babe, you need to find me lemons or limes or something. All I can drink is water and lemonade!? and you're telling me there's no lemonade in all of Iraq? Have you even looked?

Hunter Johnson said...

Pandora.com is AWESOME. I just blogged about it too at hunterdjohnson.wordpress.com