A Team Mascot

Our team has a mascot. That's him on the left (well, in the picture on the left, he's on the right.) His name is Fat Mannequin and he stands guard at a store in the bazaar.

He was one of the first "people" to greet us when we arrived in our city, and he's been a landmark ever since.

We even refer to him speaking to other people. As in:

Other people: "Where'd you find those awesome Man Man Spider Fashion shorts?"

Us: "Oh, right by Fat Mannequin."

Other people: *blink*blink*

This usually meets with blank stares and results in a lengthy explanation, but we don't let that stop us. I mean, how can you live in this city and not know Fat Mannequin? It's like not knowing Mam Jalal or Pak City!


Tammy said...

Man Man Spider Shorts??????

Your Sister Katie! said...

Hey I just realized that I could leave you comments on here! I have tried to email you twice (once for your birthday, and the other at random) but they didn't send. So happy belated birthday! You are the same age as Federico at my work! Don't ask. I miss you! Comment back! Love you!

Angie said...

I like that Fat Mannequin's shirt doesn't exactly button all the way on his stomach. It's just what one would expect from Fat Mannequin.

Katie's here! The party can finally start!

rdmeeker said...

Kate! I thought you were dead!

Good to see you are alive. Tell Federico, I said congrats on being the same age...I guess. are you still at Applebee's or did they fire you?

What kind of name is Federico, anyway.

OTRgirl said...

I love his homemade aspect. Like the fact that they wrapped cardboard, or fabric around a normal dummy to make him so big! Have you touched him? What's he made of?

Angie said...

I'm too fat for...public blogging.


love ya babe.

Brandi said...

Is that the mannequin they use to sell clothes for americans?

rdmeeker said...

OTR Girl, I did touch Fat Mannequin and I think he's real!