A Team Slogan

I revealed our team mascot yesterday, so, I thought that today I might reveal our team slogan. But first a little back story.

The Kurds are much more blunt than Americans and, when said Kurds are speaking English, the problem is even worse. Here are some examples:

Joan was told repeatedly by one of her elderly neighbors that she was fat. This was driven home by incessant pokes to Joan's stomach.

Lucy was told by D-Dog that rice and beans were making her fat.

One of us is always being told that our Kurdish skills are lacking in comparison to one of the other team members. This is often said in front of the other team member. "Doris is so smart. Why is your Kurdish so bad?"

But the topper - the one that birthed a slogan - was said to yours truly. It wasn't meant to be mean, but...

...we're at a picnic at Dukan and all of the guys decide to walk to a nearby castle/fort/ruin thing on top of a giant hill. We start up and I get the following from a really kind Kurdish friend:

"You're a little fat for hiking."

And, while this is pretty much true, I still don't like to be told. But, I can't keep something that good to myself and I told the whole group.

So now Joan is a little fat for walking, Lucy is a little fat for finance reports, Stanley is a little fat for the internet, Doris is a little fat for "right now," Wally is a little fat for his secret love and, well, I'm a little fat for most things...


Anonymous said...

Don't take this guy seriously. He's a little too big for his britches. ;-)


rdmeeker said...

But, Stanley, it's true!

I am a little fat for Kurdish clothes...

Tammy said...

and I'm a little too fat to be laughing this hard :) hahahahahaha-thanks for the laugh.

Brandi said...

Sooooooooooo Funny...Apparently, I'm too fat to teach! *laughing outside, crying inside*

Anonymous said...

Okay, I read this in Stauffs coffee shop while sitting all alone, and laughed out loud and laughed even louder when everyone started staring at me :-) Apparently I'm too fat to laugh alone! This was my favorite post yet!